Crybaby Presents L.A


Crybaby Presents is the brainchild of childhood friends and fellow RISD graduates Dakota Salt and Lisa Ziven. Estranged after graduation, the ladies were reunited when Dakota attended Lisa’s holiday party in Los Feliz. Their rekindled friendship has resulted in a much-needed addition to L.A.’s predictable retail and artist community.

Crybaby is a permanent travelling installation of art and design that will change locations each season. Their present home is at 171 S. La Brea, a hop and skip from niche shops like Union, Undefeated, and American Rag Cie. The clothing and accessories are undoubtedly hip and fresh from brands like All For The Mountain, Postalco and sis loves me videos. Everything in the minimal space has its pulse on design and art with Areaware dinner plates by Jason Miller and original works by artists Leo Fitzpatrick, Adam Marnie, Glen Baldridge, and Kevin Zucker.

Design is a huge part of the aesthetic with custom built racks and furniture by designers The Haas Brothers, Sean Fabi and Maxim Jezek. You learn something too as I had never heard of “Touchables” until I saw and felt Jesse Greenberg’s assorted hand-held sculptures in different sizes made of plastic, foam, and rubber.

The aura of the Crybaby Presents shop is warm as Dakota and Lisa work the room themselves and share their product knowledge and overall vision with anyone that visits. They are a duo that wears many creative hats even producing their own line available in the store. The shop will make its move February 2012, bittersweet news leaving you sad but excited at what they will curate next. The ladies are committed to presenting something fresh and new always and that is nothing to cry about.

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