Giovanni Boldini Exhibition at Complesso del Vittoriano

Running from March 4th to July 16th at the Complesso del Vittoriano in Rome is Giovanni Boldini, a retrospective on artist Giovanni Boldini’s work and life. The eponymous exhibition covers pieces produced at the beginning of his career in Florence and his attachment to the Macchiaioli painters to his later dissent. Spanning 60 years of his career, the exhibit explores the world through the eyes of the artist: we are introduced to the Belle Époque at the turn of 20th century Paris where Boldini dwelled in the midst of the bourgeois and high society.


Boldini is best known for his paintings that explore a side of high society behind closed doors, showing female beauty in a candid and sensual manner, with women standing seductively in serpentine poses while displaying their chests and necks. It is no wonder these paintings sparked outrage among the public for their mysterious and sensual power.

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