Brian Wood

Brian Wood

NY based designer Brian Wood continues to push the envelope with his fashion forward designs while aiming to raid your closet (and some panties) in the process.

The Elizabeth, NJ native has been non-stop in the fashion industry since 2005 with an innovative high-end menswear line along with a street wear line known for its vibrant and conceptual designs. He also recently collaborated with liquor brand Crown Royal Black where he designed a series of luxury bags for their 2011 marketing campaign.


Panty Raiders Varsity jackets and hats

Although Panty Raiders was not a success back then, Wood decided to re-launch it in last year’s Spring ‘11 collection, Because We Feel Like It, which is described as “all about being care-free, fun, wild, and having an rebellious lifestyle.” It was a hit. Brian admits, “When we first released Panty Raiders, it was looked at a little odd and now it is embraced by women and embraced by a lot of people…it did very well.” Brian says that he is aiming for Panty Raiders to be a movement and with every release there will be a good message behind it. Brian’s never been one to leave the ladies hanging; he collaborated with Silivio Liu in 2010, a women’s evening wear house, doing double duty as designer and creative director.

With such a resume, you would think Brian was blessed with perpetual swag, but the designer admits that he was definitely not a trendsetter back in high school. “I think if you see Brian Wood now you see a trendsetter,” Wood affirms. When asked what advice he would give to those looking to discover their own personal style, he encourages, “be yourself,” and promising that “it comes to you over time.” He continues “style comes through yourself, when you know who you are as a person you will find your style.”

Wood finally found his style while attending Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York where he learned everything he knows about the fashion industry and credits the college in paving the road to success. “I went into Pratt knowing nothing, nothing about fashion, nothing about the industry, nothing about anything,” he insists. But by graduation he had a number of new talents under his belt including creative thinking and most importantly — the idea of designing clothes that people want. Knowledge is power according to Brian and “If you want to get into this industry, go for it, but do it the smart way. Get educated, go to school, if you don’t go to school, take classes, if you don’t take classes, intern somewhere!”

Brian Wood collection

Brian’s talent doesn’t stop at designing garments and attractive t-shirt designs. He artist also has his sights set on film. “Filming is something that I’ve always wanted to do,” he says. He’s already done a few film projects including a horror short and would like to direct music videos in the future

For now though, Brian has his eye on the fashion prize and is navigating the best way to it. With any career there are challenges and obstacles to get through and Brian admits that financing has definitely been a challenge. “I am a self-financed company in a tough industry with a lot of competition,” Wood says. For what Brian lacks in capital he has made up for it with a loyal team which includes David Milliman and brand manager Joseph Hayes. “It’s all about the connection you have with people,” he says.

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