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On Ten: August

Lolla, Madonna & Zoe Saldana + Porsche makes hookahs?! 10 things we’re excited about this month

1. Porsche Design Hookah: Yes, smoking kills but Porsche manages to make the habit look damn good.



2. Sepak takraw: The volleyball/kickball mashup courtesy of Malaysia.

3. Lollapalooza: Chi-town rocks out (even harder than normal) this weekend with the annual music festival. Check our Best of The Fests guide for our must see acts and help support the arts in downtown Chicago at this Friday’s Marwen Now fundraiser and exhibition. $20 suggested donation gets you drinks, hors d’oeuvres great music and art.


4. Shark Week: the most anticipated week in television about teeth and blood.



5. True Blood: the most anticipated series in television about teeth and blood.


6. King = The chill out harmonies of Stereolab + the soul of Jill Scott

Supernatural by weareKINGworldwide


7. Columbiana: Technically, Zoe Saldana is a Dominicana, but either way she’s kicking serious ass in her new starring role in Columbiana on August 26th.

8. Nike Ice Cream: Tuesday to Sunday head up to Harlem World and satisfy your sweet tooth and sneaker addiction at Nike’s Boulevard Ice. Now through September the shoe brand will be offering more than 31 tasty flavors from The Lemon King of Corona and tons of limited shoe releases.

2490 Frederick Douglass Blvd, NYC


BLVD Ice from Game Seven Marketing on Vimeo.


9. Vita Coco > Gatorade : We’ve been hip for a while now, but now with A listers like Rhianna and investors like Madonna co-signing, its safe to say that coconut water has hit the mainstream.


10. Life on Mars, Really? Some cliff faces on Mars feature dark streaks that appear during the warm months, then disappear when weather turns colder. Writing in the journal Science, some researchers say that the streaks could be signs of briny water on the Martian surface.


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  1. Venusianintrusion
    August 12, 2011

    Skid marks. Sorry NASA, your pictures just don’t make this useful to me!

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