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Raise Your Glass

Cheers to the ladies of Through the Liquor Glass. The mixolgy duo dish on drinks, share recipes and introduce CY’s signature drink of the summer: The Summertime CY.

We recently caught up with liquor masters Alice and Rabbit at the uber popular Bucktown spot Danny’s for a quick Q & A. The duo met a few years ago when they moved to Chicago, now they can be found appearing at special events throughout the city. Their self-titled informative blog shares recipes and documents their culinary adventures in their world full of tastings and restaurant openings. Sounds like they may be living the dream.


What was your first alcoholic drink ever and how old were you?

Rabbit: I was definitely young, probably 8. My grandfather used to make wine in his basement and we were always given a taste. I know now that they were not what you would call fine wines, but god I admire the effort!

Alice: I was probably 12 or 13…we used to shoulder tap at the neighborhood 7-11 for wine coolers.


Tell us about your recent trip to Thailand and how traveling inspires mixology.

Alice: Funny you should ask…the post I am assuming you are talking about Drinking Thailand, was actually a post about a Thai restaurant in Portland called Pok Pok and the drinking vinegars I sampled at their sister bar Whiskey Soda Lounge. When I got back to Chicago I experimented with making my own. They now sell their drinking vinegars online.

I am however, planning a two week trip to Thailand in July. I will definitely be posting about their drinking culture and hopefully bringing back a few recipes.



While creating new cocktails, what is your worst combo to date?

Rabbit: I have two…Last winter we tried to make a chestnut syrup and it wasn’t quite palatable, and very unappealing to the eye. Chestnuts are brown after all. I also tried to make a cocktail with yogurt for a brunch blog and I’m now convinced that yogurt and alcohol are incongruent.

Alice: I have been experimenting with Yuzu, a Japanese citrus fruit. I bought some in vinegar form and so far, everything I try to make with it just tastes really salty.


For anyone upgrading their bar what’s a must have spare no expense bar necessity and what is a must have item that’s ok to get on the cheap?

This is a great question, as we have a lot of friends who are starting their own bars. Bar tools are actually pretty cheap, you can get great deals on quality juice presses, peelers, and strainers at bodegas. Where you really don’t want to cheat yourself is in buying quality spirits.

Where is the best place for imported liquor? (Chicago)

Binny’s (available online too) is where we buy a lot. The new Whole Foods at North Avenue has a surprisingly nice boutique selections of spirits and to tell the truth, Jewel will sometimes closeout on spirits that no one buys and we get very good deals. P.S stay away from anything flavored and stick with the classics.


The best booze to spike the punch with?

It really depends on the punch. Brandy, rum and gins are pretty standard.



Do you ever get tired of drinking alcohol?

We definitely tire of certain cocktails or spirits like you would tire of a favorite recipe. Then we move on to something new, and maybe revisit that drink later when we can enjoy it again (like we’ve been doing lately with the Corpse Reviver). In a certain respect, drinks can be a lot like food. You have to keep things interesting, try different recipes or riff on a classic.


We present to you our official drink of the summer: The Summertime CY, specially made for us by the ladies of Through the Liquor Glass! Think strawberry lemonade with a twist. You can thank us now.



Summertime CY

1 1/2 oz gin

3/4 oz fresh lemon

1 oz strawberry-rhubarb simple syrup

fresh mint

soda water

angostura bitters


Muddle mint in cocktail shaker. Add gin, lemon, and strawberry-rhubarb simple syrup. Shake and serve over ice in collins glass. Top with soda. Garnish with 3 drops bitters, and sprig of fresh mint.


Strawberry-rhubarb simple syrup

pint strawberries

3 stalks rhubarb

1 1/2 cups water

1 1/2 cups sugar


Cut strawberries and rhubarb roughly into 1/2 inch pieces. Combine strawberries, rhubarb, sugar and water. Bring to a boil and then simmer gently for 30 min. Cool and strain into tightly sealed container. Should keep in refrigerator for several weeks.

Next Event:

Dovetail celebrates their 3 year Anniversary. Join us for cocktails and shop for some rare finds from one of our favorite vintage boutiques. Also enjoy 10-50% off mystery balloon pop sale, Jeffrey Millbern clothing/jewelry launch, and a window Installation by Cassie Smith.

Saturday June 4th 12-3

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The adventures of Alice and Rabbit

Their self-titled informative blog documents their culinary adventures throughout Chicago and the world full of tastings and restaurant openings. Sounds like they may be living the dream.

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